Summer Online Seminar – Python Programming Intro Course

In this course we will open the eyes of our students to the wonderful world of programming through python. Not only will we teach them the technical aspects like loops and functions, but we will also look at extraordinary coding projects to show the power and opportunity of knowing how to code. We will practice critical thinking skills and teach them how to approach everyday problems in a systematic way to find the solution.

LMC Summer Online Lesson – Rubik’s Cube 魔方入门课

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Hello all! My name is Bailing Hou and I am currently a freshman at Skyline High School. I first started learning Rubik’s Cube when I was seven, and it has been one of my most passionate hobbies since then. Starting from June 18th, I am greatly looking forward to spending a week online with other students who are interested in Rubik’s Cubes. Let’s enjoy this fun and unique hands-on experience together!

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