Flower Bracelet Craft Reflection

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Teaching the flower bracelet craft was a fun and engaging experience. We started off by making putting 10 beads on to the string. We then put in 4 different colored beads for the outside of the flower, and one bead for the center of the flower. After that, we threaded the string through the first of the 4 beads we put in. Half of our flower was now done. We then proceeded to add 3 more beads for the outside of the flower. This time we threaded the string through the bead next to the center piece, that we had not al. We repeated this until we reached the length we wanted. At the ends of the chain, we tied a knot or placed a crimp bead. This ensures that the beads will not slide around. After that, we knotted the ends together or used a clasp. And just like that, we were done with the flower bracelet. In conclusion, the process of making the bracelet was a bit complicated, due to the string work, but in the end each kid made a beautiful and personalized flower bracelet.