Easter Craft Hat Reflection

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Teaching the Easter hat craft was a fun and engaging experience. We started off by making the base of our hat. We drew two rings around a paper cup and cut off the excess. We then cut small strips into to the cup, starting at the edge of the second ring and ending at the edge of the first ring. After that, we pressed the strips down to form a ring of strips around the top of the hat. Our base was now done. We then proceeded to cover the hat base with string. We started at the center point at the top of the hat and used hot glue to stick the string on to the hat base. We worked our way around the entire top part of the hat. At the rim of the hat, we took a different tactic, we placed a piece of double-sided type of each of the strips and wrapped the string around the whole thing. After the whole hat base was covered in string, we added some hot glue to the inside of the hat for extra security and moved not to decorations. We wrapped a different colored string around part of the hat. Lastly, we made a few paper flowers that we glued onto the hat. And just like that, we were done with the hat. In conclusion, each kid made a beautiful hat of their own design and we all made a great time.